Monterey Corridor Block Level Masterplan Kicks Off

By John Lang

Monterey Corridor Block Level Masterplan Kicks Off

The Monterey Road that we know today has been the central North and South route of travel that has served South Santa Clara County for over 150 years. Starting out as an early stage coach route traveled by horses which evolved into the main highway that connected the Valley of Hearts Delight to the Monterey peninsula, to finally the primary alternative route for Highway 101. The long history and use of Monterey Road has created a pattern of development within the Corridor that is diverse with many small lots and uses which lack any real physical connections with sidewalks and landscaping.

The uniqueness of Monterey Corridor became a focal point for the recently adopted Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan which envisions the transformation of Monterey Road north and south of Downtown from its current predominantly strip commercial character to a vibrant mixed-use corridor that encourages walking and biking with buildings fronting onto the street and a range of commercial and office uses located in close proximity to new and existing residential development. To facilitate that vision, the General Plan requires a Block-Level Master Plan to be prepared which would identify how commercial uses will be incorporated within the development of a block and how individual development projects will connect with each other. Commercial and other non-residential development may proceed on properties without the preparation of a Block-Level Master Plan.

The City has started the process of a Block Level Masterplan by holding it’s first Visioning and Goal Setting meeting on September 25th.

To learn more about the meeting and the whole Monterey Corridor effort please visit the project page at

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