Key Industries in Morgan Hill

From high-tech to high-touch, business of all types will find a welcome home here.


Our vision for economic prosperity, as defined in our Economic Blueprint, embraces the unique opportunities available in Morgan Hill and has been carefully crafted with guidance from thought leaders and pathfinders from the Bay Area.

The blueprint explains our commitment to accelerate business development, and lays out the ways we’re helping our business community thrive.

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Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing

Innovative technology companies looking to locate their global headquarters, research and development or manufacturing facilities will find more space at lower cost than anywhere else in Silicon Valley.

Find out why companies like Specialized Bicycle Components—a leader in bicycling technology—Anritsu, Wolfspeed, TenCate Advanced Components, Kettle Cuisine, Sakata Seeds and Velodyne call Morgan Hill home.

  • 6.5 million square feet of Industrial and R&D innovation space in Morgan Hill (source: CoStar Industrial Report, 1st Quarter 2018)
  • 390 acres of commercial and industrial zoned vacant land available (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of vacant land 2018)
  • Top manufacturing niches include sports/recreation, electronic components and Food Manufacturing (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Business License data, 2018)
  • Over 19% of all jobs in Morgan Hill are associated with advanced manufacturing (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Business License data, 2018)

“TenCate Advanced Composites has chosen Morgan Hill as its headquarters because it’s a friendly place to grow and expand our manufacturing capacity and because of the proximity to our key customers.”

- Scott Unger, Group President, TenCate Advanced Composites


Medical services and diagnostics providers are discovering that the growing residential and business population in Morgan Hill and its surrounding area is an attractive and highly receptive audience. Bioscience, medical R&D and manufacturing companies such as Phoenix Deventures, Paramit Corporation, Aerogen, and Anaerobe Systems have also found a supportive home in Morgan Hill.

Because our zoning permits healthcare providers to locate in over 90 percent of the city’s business districts, finding the perfect location for your office or clinic couldn’t be easier.

  • A 35,000 to 55,000+ square foot ambulatory center can easily be supported in Morgan Hill (Source: Health System Advisor Report 2014)
  • Morgan Hill’s population is growing at a faster rate than the national average (Source: Health System Advisor Report 2014)
  • Unmet supply results in 78% of Morgan Hill residents leaving the area to receive inpatient medical services (Source: Health System Advisor Report 2014)
  • Morgan Hill has demand for Primary Care providers (Source: Health System Advisor Report 2014)

“Since we service the startup industry primarily, most of our client companies are in the Bay Area. The Bay Area is one of a handful of hot areas for medical technology development in the country, if not the world, so we don’t reach out to the international opportunities. Still, they sometimes find us. We are doing work for companies in Japan, Israel, and France. However, the majority of our business is with local companies.”

- Jeff Christian, CEO, Phoenix DeVentures Inc.


Morgan Hill is a growing tourism and sports recreation destination. Cycling routes and sports facilities bring competitors from all over Northern California. We have one of the oldest wine regions in California with dozens of premium wineries in our backyard. Pick-your-own farms, lakes, golf courses, equestrian trails, recreational facilities -- the list goes on and on! 

Morgan Hill is a perfect home for lodging businesses, from full-service hotels to bed and breakfasts, and any business, like wineries, breweries, indoor sports facilities and sports retailers, that can serve the thousands of people who visit each day for business and pleasure.

  • Over 110 restaurants located in Morgan Hill (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Business License data, 2018)
  • 29 wineries within a 20-minute drive time of Downtown Morgan Hill (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Wineries Association data, 2018)
  • Over 70 outdoor, recreation and park areas, farms and winery venues located in South County (source: City of Morgan Hill)
  • A range of 14 Hotels properties for all travelers with 900 rooms available (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Business License data, 2018)

“Ten years ago we had about ten wineries here in the southern part of Santa Clara Valley. Now, we have 30.”

- Roy Froom, Winery Estate Sommelier


Fantastic demographics and over 1.6 million square feet of available retail space provide opportunity for retailers of every type and size.

Morgan Hill has 8 major shopping centers (and several more retail projects underway), a vibrant and expanding downtown, and developable land in easily accessible and highly visible locations, including along US Highway 101.   

  • 69% of residents are while collar professionals (source: Insight Market Analysis, April 2018)
  • 30.1% of household are considered affluent (source: Insight Market Analysis, April 2018)
  • Gross sales in Morgan Hill exceeded $1 billion in 2017 (source: Avenu Insights and Analytics, Dec 2017)
  • 21,900 jobs are in Morgan Hill (source: Insight Market Analysis, April 2018)
  • 1.6 million square feet of retail square footage in Morgan Hill (source: City of Morgan Hill analysis of Assessor Data, 2018)

“There’s lots of things going on. You can see lots of playful art pieces all throughout the downtown, there’s a giant spider, there’s bicycle art, there are murals.”

- Rosie Bergin, Restaurateur, Rosie’s on the Beach

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